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17 December 2020

Fiets en Wandelbeurs, E-bike Challenge & Mount Expo postponed to May 2021

Hicle Events has postponed the Fiets en Wandelbeurs, E-bike Challenge and Mount Expo from February 13 and 14 to May 1 and 2, 2021. This is due to the corona crisis. The location for the events remains the same, Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Because of the continuous high infection numbers since October a large-scale event in February 2021 did not seem feasible. “The expectation is that the holiday season and holiday booking decision will begin later on than usual due to the Covid-19 restrictions”, says Theo Jorna, CEO of Hicle Events. “This makes May, in these special times, a great alternative. In our survey the majority of our newsletter members preferred an event in May 2021 instead of February 2021.”

The events of Hicle in the Netherlands are also postponed to May. The Fiets en Wandelbeurs and E-bike Xperience would have taken place on February 19 and 20 in Flanders Expo in Ghent. The new dates are now May 7 and 8, 2021. The location for the events remains the same, Flanders Expo.