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26 February 2021

The Fiets en Wandelbeurs goes online 

This year, for the first time the Fiets en Wandelbeurs came in an online edition. On 23 and 24 April we presented an interactive digital event entitled ‘Fiets en Wandelbeurs Online Experience’.

The online event is an alternative for, amongst other things, the actual, live events in Flanders Expo Ghent and Jaarbeurs Utrecht, which were planned for early May 2021. “Out of sheer necessity, we had to cancel the live events because of the Corona crisis,” says Theo Jorna, director of Hicle Events. “It is simply not possible to set-up an actual live Fair at the moment, despite the huge interest. Meanwhile, we were also evaluating the options for a digital edition for our ‘Fiets en Wandelbeurzen’ this year in Utrecht and Ghent. And we were pleasantly surprised by what the possibilities were.”

Concept digital event

The concept of the digital Fiets en Wandelbeurs offers visitors endless scope for inspiration for the new cycling and hiking season ahead. Interaction with other visitors and exhibitors is well within reach. Cycling and hiking enthusiasts can visit online stands, chat with exhibitors in real time and download brochures. There are also online lectures or talks and workshops in the programme and you can put questions to experienced cyclists and walkers. There is even a Fiets en Wandel café, where you can have a drink and a chat online with other café goers.

Wind in their sails

“We would love to organise an actual Fair, but the Online Experience is a fine alternative, ” says Jorna. “Furthermore, cycling and hiking have the wind in their sails, partly because of the Corona virus. On fine days, half of the Dutch and Belgian population set out on foot or by bicycle. All of those enthusiasts can find the most scenic routes as well as cycling and hiking destinations. And our polling data shows that our target group are just longing, circumstances allowing, to set off once again on a cycling or hiking holiday.”